Exclusive prices of our Led lighting products, dedicated to those who work daily in the lighting sector. In addition, we will provide you with all the necessary assistance and ad hoc technical advice, designed to meet any type of specific need.

Our long experience has allowed us over the years to set up a real warehouse, with products ready for delivery. In just 24 hours we have the opportunity to reach every area of Italy and, in just 48 hours, the islands. Reliable shipments, able to guarantee maximum speed and, above all, maximum safety.


Furthermore, for orders relating to a certain quantity, you can take advantage of the storage service. We will take care of keeping your products in our warehouse and then, as needed, proceed with delivery.

We offer customized solutions with a unique quality: that of knowing how to combine the high rate of quality at an always competitive price. Our top-level LED Chips are real lighting creations, subjected to rigorous quality controls. Every single component is analyzed and monitored, to guarantee the maximum in terms of performance which translates into customer satisfaction.