Terms and Conditions


It may happen that orders are delivered damaged or without a package. In this case, we recommend signing for the package with reservation.

You then will be able to decide later to accept the package anyway or reject it. (Recommended choice). Contact us by e-mail or call us. We will deliver the material again within 2 working days.

If you still have accepted the delivery, send us photos of the package and damaged material by e-mail. We will ship new items to you as a replacement for the damaged items within 2 business days.

Note: the communication of damage or missing package must be sent within 3 days from the courier's delivery date, with proof of the wording "WITH RESERVATION" affixed at the time of acceptance of the goods.

Communications or requests beyond 3 days (considered the delivery date indicated by the courier) will be handled as RETURN FOR AFERTHOUGHT or REPLACEMENT UNDER WARRANTY.


King Led SRL's return policy allows you to rethink your purchase and return the item without having to specify the reason for the return until the term of 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of delivery.

The following products are excluded from the return policy for afterthought: - Tailored or clearly personalized items.

To exercise the right of return for afterthought for an item you must send us an e-mail to info@kingled.it In the e-mail you must attach:

- Copy of the purchase receipt.


In the event of withdrawal, the price paid for the item and the shipping costs paid at the time of purchase will be refunded within 14 days from the date of the communication of the intention to withdraw for afterthought.

Shipping costs for the return of the goods will not be refunded.

If instead the withdrawal is received after the deadline of 14 calendar days, we will refund the price of the item but not the shipping costs.

If the items show damage or signs of wear arising from unnecessary handling, in order to establish the nature of the handling and the characteristics and functioning of the articles, we reserve the right to withhold the refund by returning the goods to the buyer or withhold from the refund an amount of up to 50% corresponding to their decrease in value. You will have to prepare the package carefully and send it at your expense to:

King Led SRL

Via Lavoratori Autobianchi, 1
(Polo Tecnologico di Brianza, Strada 13, Sabile 15H) 20832 Desio MB

We advise you to carefully package the item to prevent it from being damaged during transport and to ship your return with a traceable shipping method with signature on delivery.


Reimbursement of the price of the item for which the withdrawal has been exercised and, where applicable, of the shipping costs, is made within 14 days of receipt of the goods.

The refund will be held until the item is received or until you provide proof of having returned it, whichever occurs first.

The refund will be made on the same payment used for purchase. In case of cash on delivery, the refund method needs to be arranged.


Each product sold by King Led SRL is supported by legal warranty on consumer goods, which covers conformity defects that occur within 24 months from the date of delivery of the goods.

What is the legal warranty?

Its the warranty on the sale of consumer goods laid down by EU Directive 1999/44 / EC, also known as the "Guarantee of Compliance", which protects the customer in the event that the purchased products show any defects covered by the warranty itself according to the sale contract. ("Legal Warranty").

This happens, for example, in the case of products that work poorly or do not have the features or qualities promised by the seller.

What is the duration of the Legal Warranty?

The Legal Warranty covers conformity defects occurring within 24 months from the date of delivery of the purchased product, even if on that date the defect was not immediately detectable. To make a claim under warranty, you must notify the seller of the presence of the defect within 2 months of its appearance.

We advise you to always keep the purchase receipt that you find inside the product packaging, as well as the documents confirming the shipment and delivery of the product.

Am I entitled to the Legal Warranty?

The Legal Warranty is limited only to consumers, therefore only to those who purchase products for non- professional purposes. For example, if you buy a light bulb exclusively for personal use you will be entitled to the Legal Warranty. Otherwise, if you buy an item to resell it for your business the Legal Warranty will not be applied.

However, King Led SRL also offers a warranty service reserved for professionals. The duration of this warranty is limited to 2 years, unless otherwise agreed.

What rights does the Legal Warranty give me?

If the product you have purchased has a flaw covered by the Legal warranty you are entitled, without incurring any expense, to the repair or replacement of the defective product by the seller.

There may be specific cases in which the replacement or repair of the product is not possible or is excessively expensive, in this case you will be entitled to a reduction of the price for the purchase of similar items.

To determine the amount of the price reduction, we will consider the use you have made of the product. Keep in mind that a minor flaw for which repairing or replacement has not been possible or is excessively expensive does not give right to the Warranty.

What to do in the presence of a lack of conformity?
To exercise the warranty right on an article, you must send us an e-mail to info@kingled.it In the e-mail you must attach:

  • -  Copy of the purchase receipt.

  • -  Detailed description of the flaw.

    The operators will help you solve the problem encountered in using the product you have purchased.

    If it emerges that the problem derives from a lack of conformity, a case will be opened for the repair or free replacement of the defective product under warranty.

    Remember that, in case of replacement, you will be required to return the non-compliant product to us within 30 days from the date on which you opened the Warranty file. We will deliver the replacement product to you within a reasonable time only after we have received the defective item in our warehouse.

    We advise you to carefully package the item to prevent damage during transport and to ship your return with a traceable shipping method with signature on delivery to the following address:

    King Led SRL
    Via Lavoratori Autobianchi 1
    (Polo Tecnologico di Brianza, Strada 13, Stabile 15H) 20832, Desio MB

What to do if I no longer want the replacement?

All items returned under Warranty are non-refundable, therefore a PURCHASE VOUCHER will be issued.

The value of the VOUCHER will be established considering the value of the current product and its period of use, with a decrease in value of up to 50%.